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Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

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Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

Post by βřîţňεỹ Šöłɗîεř on Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:22 am

Was this your first time working with Britney Spears?
Ironically, it wasn’t. Previous to starting my acting career I was a professional dancer and actually danced in Britney’s “Till The World Ends” Video! It was such a fun, high-energy shoot; we got to get dirty and grungy and dance like there was no tomorrow.

What was the audition process like for the "Perfume" video?
It was actually really fun but definitely required some good acting chops and a good imagination. Each girl was paired at random with a guy that was also auditioning, and we were given three different scenarios. In the first scene, my guy was sitting at a bus stop after he had just broken up with his girlfriend and it was my job to hit on him and flirt, cheer him up in a way. I had a lot of fun with that because in my real life I would never approach a stranger and be so flirtatious! The second and third scenes were progressions of our relationship, including a first date to the movies and then snuggling on the beach and watching the sunset. I guess I snuggle really well!

What was your initial reaction when you got the gig?
To be honest I thought there was a mistake in the email from my agent. When I first auditioned, I had no idea the opportunity was actually for a Britney Spears video! The project was vaguely titled “Cancun,” so I was thinking it was maybe a tourism ad for Mexico, but I really had no clue! When I finally comprehended the awesomeness at hand, I had no words. I was checking my email in the middle of a café so all I could do was scream silently…it felt like my heart leaped right out of my chest.


Which scene was your favorite and why?
The most fun I had was when we got to go wild and crazy in the old car graveyard. The sun was shining on a beautiful desert afternoon, it was just us two and we were given the freedom to jump around on cars, run around like little kids, and I even got to practice my hitchhiking skills.

How would you describe your character, Cindy? (And is she the "other woman" or is Britney the "other woman"?)
Being Cindy was so much fun! Who wouldn’t want to be a free-spirited, fun-loving country girl who’s all about getting the most out of life? She’s quite sensual, too, can never get enough kisses out of her man! As for “the other woman,” I think it is to be left up to the viewer’s imagination. Cliff hanger!

What served as your inspiration for playing the part?
I would have to say the concept of young love. Cindy is madly in love with Alex, and she really just wants to live it up and soak it all in. With the world at their fingertips, they really just get to be free and silly. When we are young, that is the time to live out our craziest dreams, when we have freedom and endless possibility. I would also say that just having the opportunity to be a part of Britney’s creation, to be a part of her world and her music was so inspiring. She’s been such a beautiful and powerful icon for young girls (and big girls alike!), all over the world. Getting to contribute my talent and energy to the project was inspiration enough to live out those the days of filming to their fullest, just like Cindy would.

What feedback/advice did Joseph Kahn give you while shooting?
It was really great working with Joseph Kahn because he gave us freedom to be ourselves and have fun with the characters. He knew just the right adjustments to bring out that little spark or particular sentiment he was looking for. Working with him felt really natural and he encouraged that.


Which scene was hardest to shoot and why?
The pool! It was freeeeeezing out in the desert that night, almost snowing, and I had to strip down to my skivvies… in front of everyone. Yes, the pool was wonderful and heated while we were in it but then I had to get out!

Is Alexander Kjellevik as sexy in person as he is in the video?
Is the sky blue!? LOL. He’s a stud.

Overall, what was it like working with Britney?
She’s a legend! An absolute sweetheart and a really hard worker. She showed up to make an awesome video… she came, she went, and she conquered, simple as that. And yes, she does look that gorgeous and amazing in person!


Is there any significance to the middle finger scene?
I don’t think there was any particular meaning other than symbolizing our carefree way of life and the fact that we are crazy kids in love having fun.

How long have you been a Britney fan?
Let’s just say she was my very first concert I ever went to, my very first CD I ever bought, and the very first album I memorized beginning to end.

What do you love most about Britney?
How outright dedicated she is — to her fans, to her kids and to her music.

Favorite Britney song?
Oh c’mon that’s impossible! "Toxic" definitely makes the list and "Womanizer." Oh, and "Lucky" was my jam! "Till the World Ends," "Sometimes" and can’t leave out "Slave 4 U." See, it’s just too hard!

Favorite Britney video?
“Oops!…I Did It Again." It’s just so classic.

Do you have any other exciting projects coming up?
Yes! I just shot a great Indie film starring the timeless Lee Meriwether and talented Max Gale, directed by Robert Kirbyson. I’m not sure when it will be coming out but you can follow me on twitter @Alandrea_martin to stay updated! I will also be creating a fan page online and would love to stay in touch with the Brit Army via Facebook too, so keep your eyes open for that!

Nice Thoughts?!!!!!!!! And plz read before commenting
βřîţňεỹ Šöłɗîεř
βřîţňεỹ Šöłɗîεř

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Re: Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

Post by Slave for Brit on Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:43 pm

she is so sweet Smile
Slave for Brit
Slave for Brit

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Re: Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

Post by Ad VanO on Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:38 pm

She's a stan!   
Ad VanO
Ad VanO

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Re: Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

Post by KaterinaPetrova on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:01 pm

Ohhh, she's a sweetheart   

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Re: Cindy opens about britney & perfume music video

Post by Sponsored content

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